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London Esports Welcomes Aver as Official CBD Partner

April 20, 2021

Challenger British esports team, London Esports (LDN) is extremely excited to announce that it will be working with Aver as its Official CBD Partner. To both parties’ knowledge, this is the first partnership of its type in esports globally.

London Esports will be working with Aver to confront stereotypes around bravery and champion men’s mental health. Through a co-produced documentary, they will explore what it means to “Live Braver” in esports, be it tackling the stresses associated with competition, or taking the path less travelled by pursuing a career as a pro player. Short-form content will also be used to celebrate shared experiences of success that many within esports understand, such as the moment a young professional receives and shares their first paycheque with friends and loved-ones, validating their pursuit for excellence in a field often not understood.

In addition to the documentary, together Aver and LDN will organise an online fundraising event, in order to raise money for mental health charity, SANE, the details of which shall be shared over the Summer. Tackling stigmas around bravery and men’s mental health is a mission close to Aver and its founder’s hearts, and London Esports is proud to be able to support them in this mission.


Discussing the new partnership, Alexander Ames, Co-Founder of Aver said:

“There is a lot of mystery surrounding CBD. Some people say it cures everything, other people still think it might get them high. Neither is true. The reality is it can be a really useful tool to help with problems such as anxiety, stress and burnout, but it’s not a replacement for taking care of oneself. That’s why we want to use our brand to encourage people to take steps in their life to improve their mental health. All year at AVER we’ve been talking about overcoming fear and anxiety, something that’s quite relevant in all our lives right now. Fear is a useless emotion unless it’s followed by action, but getting from fear to action requires a critical middle step: Bravery. We want to encourage people to take action and “Live Braver”. Partnering with a bunch of young men who took the road less travelled and are living out a dream as a result - that felt pretty spot on.”


Alfie Wright, CEO and Founder of London Esports had the following to say: 

“For us at LDN, this is the start of a great relationship with Aver, who are a strong brand from our hometown, London. We’re a social-issues driven brand that want to tackle issues that others shy away from and we’re excited to have found a great partner in Aver, who will support us in our mission to raise money and awareness for mental health causes, as well as tackle stigmas in the UK around CBD. London Esports is ready to Live Braver with Aver.”


For more information about Aver, feel free to check out their website at AverLondon.com or follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @Aver.London