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London Esports Wins The UK League of Legends Championship

July 27, 2021

After a strong Spring 2021 season, that was rounded out by a successful campaign in Northern Europe, London Esports entered the Summer 2021 season with a lot of confidence in its chances to take home the UK League of Legends Championship (UKLC) title.

Report by Joshua Mulgrew, League of Legends Manager, London Esports


With Corey ‘Beeley’ Beeley and Jeppe ‘Jeppehou’ Hougaard returning from the team last time around, the addition of UK scene stalwart, Harry ‘Akkers’ Akrill, 17 year old UK prodigy, Will ‘Noname’ Jones, and an up and coming German, Marc ‘manki’ Sieber, we were confident we had the talent to take the league by storm.

However, as often is the way, things didn’t exactly start the way we had hoped. Despite a respectable 1-1 record in our opening week, the team took some time to gel, which lead to a disappointing start to our season with losses to some of the lower-table sides. However, the team showed great perseverance and secured us a strong seed for the UKLC play-offs tournament.

Heading into the semi-finals, the mood in our camp was great. We knew it was now or never for us to truly get ourselves together and perform when it mattered most. After a great week of practice, we managed to win our semi-final convincingly, securing our back-to-back finals placement and even more importantly, a spot in the all important Northern European challenger tournament called Telia Masters.


"Going into the finals, our boys were hungry. They were powered by a desire to triumph, to prove the doubters wrong and show what they were capable of."


Game one started off well with us accumulating a massive 10,000 gold lead within the first 20 minutes and winning within the next 10. A decisive victory. Our opponents, MnM, came back swinging in game two and despite us getting an early lead, they were able to exploit some bad fights from us and win the second game. Despite the scores now being tied 1-1, the team was in great spirits and retaliated in game 3 with a clinical and dominant victory, giving us match and tournament point in the best-of-five.

As always, the final game of the series proved to be the most exciting and tense game of the entire season. Despite getting an early gold lead and winning some big fights, the adrenaline of being on the precipice of becoming champions lead to small mistakes, which MnM capitalised on and brought themselves back into the game. After our boys lost a key teamfight, in an attempt to end the game early, things were balanced on a knife edge, but the determination and quality of our players, combined with the charisma of our team captain, Beeley, proved enough for us to take the title home.

We ended the game just after the 40-minute mark, claiming the UK League of Legends Championship trophy and the first place UK seed heading into the Northern European tournament.